Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tiny Stars Contest!

Sorry for the delay on the blog!  As many of you know I am also a Nanny for this cuteness 3 days a week, and along with some family stuff, the last couple of weeks have gotten away from me!

Who can resist her?

But on to the important stuff!  The Stolen Moments Studios Tiny Star Contest!
I am looking for a child/family to be the face of Stolen Moments Studios for 2013!! My kids are cute and all, but so are yours and mine get tired of having to take pictures every time I want to do something fun with the studio!!
I will be accepting the applications for individual children and for siblings. There will only be one winner but the winner may be a set of siblings as opposed to one child.
My family and I will be going through each application and getting a group of top selections that will then be opened up to voting by all the SMS fans!! I am so excited to do this and showcase some awesome kids!!

What do you get?
- 4 mini-shoots (one for each season) that we can use how ever we think will be fun. Birthdays, Holidays, Family pictures or just because. I will ask that you be willing for at least one session to be a family session. Each mini-session will include a pre-session consult and a viewing session as well.
- A 25% print discount on anything that you would like to order
- A compilation disc, with print release, with a number of favorites from each shoot at the end of the year.
- A proof cd of each session with web-sized watermarked images to share online with family and friends to spread the SMS word., as well as a set of specialized cards with your child(ren)'s picture to hand out. Each referral you send that books a session earns you more pictures on your end of the year print release disc!!!
- A standout collage in the size of your choosing with pictures you choose from each session as a way to recap your year with your Tiny Star!!

What do I need?
Child/Children's Name:
Activities (Dance, Sports, Music, etc):
Fun Facts:
A short write up of why your child/family would be a great choice to represent Stolen Moments Studios in 2013.

A picture that shows your Child/Children's personalities.  If you are entering more than one child, you can submit a picture of each or a picture of both.  

If I were entering my kids, this is the picture I would use!
They are crazy.  You all have no idea!

I'm looking for ANY child 12 and younger! As long as you would be able to meet in the Clayton/Raleigh, NC area for the 4 shoots you are eligible!! And remember Stolen Moments Studios is a special needs studio, so don't let the fact that the shoots might be challenging discourage you from submitting your child!!*
Applications will be accepted from October 1, 2012 to October 31, 2012. Fan voting will take place in late November and the winner will be announced around Christmas! Just email the above information to with the subject line "Tiny Stars Contest"
If you have any questions please feel free to ask! I can't wait to see all the Tiny Stars we have!!
If you would like to tell me that your child has special needs but do not want it disclosed in the voting write ups, that is definitely an option!! I try not to point out my clients who have autism, adhd, down syndrome etc. in any galleries, unless the parent asks or wants to allow me to use them as a representative of that aspect of the studio. It is not their label, and whatever disability they may have does not effect how cute their pictures are!! I have ADHD myself, and I know that it does not define me!

**There have been some problems with the emails not going through.  My mailbox is small, so if you have problems sending your application, send it without the picture and I will reply with my personal email to send the pictures to!  Thank you! **


  1. I think this is fantastic! Hope you get a lot of families that enter-I'll spread the word at school!