Sunday, July 29, 2012

Your Session: Getting to know SMS and your Pre-Session Consult

I am going to do a series of posts this week filling you all in on how a Stolen Moments Studios photo shoot works from start to finish!  I find it helpful when I am looking to do something to know how things run and what I am getting for my money, so that is what these posts are for!

In doing your research into hiring a professional photographer you have found us!  Awesome, I love meeting new people!  So you email me at or call (919) 261-7400.  I'm sure you have a ton of questions and I know I have a few for you too!  So we talk for a bit and I ask about setting up a pre-session consultation.  I am going to spell out exactly what that is for you in a minute, but most importantly I want you all to know that you do not have to be set on having a session to have a consult!!  This is a chance for me to better get to know you and your family and for you to see if my style and my sessions are right for you!  

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, more about the actual consult!

Binder with session info, price lists and product examples, your take home folder and a slideshow!

We will meet either at your home or at a local coffee place or restaurant where I will get you a snack or a drink.  I will have my laptop and an information packet for you to bring home as well as items for you to look through and learn more about the studio and our sessions.

You will have time to look through the info binder which has a full price list, product examples and a full walk through of your session!

We will talk about you, your kids, your family’s interests and your expectations for your session.

We will talk about location, clothes, props and what your ideas for your pictures are.  We will also look through a slideshow that I’ve made for your consult based on your family, to help you see what we can do with your session.

I will walk you through a typical session as well as wait times for sneak peeks, online viewing and     explaining how our ordering session and accompanying process works as well as looking through the price list.  This will help you be aware of your options for ordering and lets you start thinking about what options you would like for your home, family and friends!

Your take home folder has a price list, my business card and the information we decided on for your session (date/time/location) as well as some tips for getting ready!

This is also when we will set a date, time and  location for your session.  Don't worry about knowing exactly where and when you would want to have a session, I can show you examples of different locations in the area and talk about what days and times are best for the kind of shoot you are looking for.   

Keep an eye out over the next few days for two more posts, one covering the photo shoot itself and one about ordering and delivery!!  

A special thanks to my kids, Tyler and Katie, for taking a few minutes to be stock photo kids today!! 

My stock photo kids!  Katie's dress was made by the amazing and fabulous LilyM Boutique

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