Thursday, November 3, 2011

Breezybot by Brieshon D'Agostini

I know, I know I promised this ages ago!  Its been a crazy couple of weeks over here, lots of shoots, lots of kid stuff and lots of me stuff!!   

Brieshon is a good friend with 3 kids as crazy as mine!  She makes amazing and creative hand-crocheted items, in just about anything you can think of!

I will start you out with the links, because really Brie's work speaks for itself!  


I have quite a few of her items and I can honestly tell you I have a list of things I still want.  Like the Yoda hat, in an adult size for me!  I can not speak highly enough of not only how beautifully made her stuff is but how much my children love their hats, and how much my clients have enjoyed using them.   I had to hide Katie's hat after we got it because it got hot again and she was sweating but insisted on wearing it!!  And the compliments I have gotten on their hats are amazing, I had to have her send me more cards to give people who asked about them!

But here is just a very small sampling of her amazing work!

This was custom made for Katie, a Rainbow Kitty hat

This is Tyler's custom hat, a mohawk hat in bright blue and green

Just because its cute and shows off the back of the hats really well.

And then there is this.  Its mine and its soft and its beautiful and I need to figure out a way to get a picture of it that does it justice because it hasn't worked yet!

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