Friday, October 14, 2011

Accent Create

Here is the first of my Holiday Shopping Idea blogs.  I wanted to give you all an in road to some other Mommy-owned business I love and use.  Because I know we could all use some more fun idea for Christmas.

The first is Accent Create.  Danielle and I have been friends for a while and I LOVE LOVE LOVE her stuff.  Seriously.  I think I want some of everything she makes.  Plus she is wicked cool and lets me do things like share her booth at the Clayton Harvest Festival!!

She offers both indoor and outdoor vinyl that can be easily applied to any smooth surface such as walls, floors, glass, ceramic tiles, wood and auto.  Really she can make anything!!  She made a good portion of my Christmas presents last year, she has made shirts for me and my kids and my wine glass that she made me makes me happy every time I use it.  I currently want a redneck wine glass, which I didn't take a picture of at the Harvest Festival (crazy!!)

Now not only is her stuff gorgeous but its also affordable!!  Which I know is important to all of you!!  

Here are just a few pictures to give you some ideas of everything she can do!!  If you have any questions email her at  Check out her facebook page and her website for even more ideas!

Katie loves the umbrella!

She made my kids and I shirts for the harvest festival as well as an awesome tablecloth for me!

Awesome Car vinyl!  When we got me a new car it took me forever to peel it off because it stays on so well!

My totally awesome wine glass!  I also have a drink cup with a straw that I adore for my iced coffee!

She also made me and the kids Team Rock Star shirts for my triathalon!  There was nothing like seeing my kids waiting for me at the finish line in these!

And this super cute one especially for Katie's 4th birthday horse party!

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