Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tori and her animal friends

Hilarious title right?  Totally appropriate!  Tori's mom got an African Grey Parrot named Duke right before she was born and got a puppy named Barkley just recently!  She is crazy, but in the best way, LOL.

I'm always extremely honored when my old friends are willing to wait for me to come back to MA to visit to let me take pictures of their families.  I can't tell you all what it means to me.  But this one was even more special because Kathy was generous enough to allow my future vet Katie to come and meet her animals!  Katie loved the animals and Bryana and Tori.  Duke talks and we didn't tell her so she was in awe, and getting to pet a bird just put her over the top!

And how cool is this picture of Duke?  This is NOT in black and white!  

Tori is a lucky little girl because now her cousin Bryana lives with her and they are clearly best friends! Bryana has a shadow for life now!

Tori saved her best smiles for pictures with Mommy!

But she is clearly Daddy's girl.  And the feeling is definitely mutual!

There is also a kitty named Nacho.  He was less than thrilled to have new people invade his territory but I did get a couple of pictures of him with his mom.

And how gorgeous is the view off their back deck?  

Thanks again Kathy for working around a crazy vacation schedule and letting me come meet your family and see your beautiful new home!!

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS! I LOVE all of these! Can't wait to see the rest. It was an honor to wait for you to do our family photos. The timing was perfect after adding Bry, and Barkley to the family recently as well :) I loved meeting Katie, too (even if I already felt like I knew her thanks to modern technology, lol)! She was a great help with the animals and getting Tori to smile. Thank you for taking time out of your vacation to capture this special time in our lives for us. It means so much to us! We'll have to do it again in a couple years when Tori is old enough to smile on command, lol. It was a pleasure working with you!