Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Holidays are coming!

Hey everyone!

First I want to thank everyone for all your support and love over the last few months as we've adjusted to our family's newest addition!  Nathaniel is such a sweet baby and is adored by his big siblings!  I've actually had a few of you complain when I didn't bring him to consults, which makes me smile because I'm glad you all feel the same way about my family as I feel about yours!  I love the bond I have with my families and especially my SMS kids, I've been blessed to get to work with such wonderful people!

The big kids' first day of school

But now on to the important stuff.  The holiday season is upon us!  October is completely booked and November is getting there.  The last day for 2013 (with guaranteed delivery of prints for Christmas) is Sunday November 24.  The last day to place your order is Friday December 13.  Normally I try to keep an availability for Thanksgiving if someone wants to do a big family shoot with everyone in town but with Thanksgiving so late this year, I will still offer one shoot for Thanksgiving weekend but I can't guarantee Christmas delivery (though I will do all I can!)

If you would like a shoot for 2013 please get up with me soon, and if you do it before October 15, there might be a surprise in it for you!

Speaking of holidays, Halloween is coming too!  This year my kids will be the Avengers and I can't wait to get some pictures of that!  Tyler will be Captain America, Katie will be Hulk (if you know Katie, you aren't surprised!) and little Eli is going to be Iron Man!!  So excited!  Last night I was thinking about having a costume contest for my SMS kids!  I will get you all more details on that as soon as I come up with them, so watch the blog over the next couple of weeks.

A little Halloween throwback

But back to Christmas!  Last week my wonderful friend Jessica from LilyM Boutique asked if Katie would like to model her brand new Christmas dress.  Katie was obviously thrilled because she loves her "Mrs. Jess dresses" so when it came yesterday we packed up the boys and went to the park!  First off I can't tell you how much I love this dress.  It's unique, beautiful and wonderfully made.  Plus with so much stuff, even in a size 6, looking way too old for her, it's nice to know she has a beautiful and age appropriate Christmas dress.  There are two versions of this dress the snowman dress Katie is wearing and a penguin dress.  Snowman is more Katie, but 6 year old me would have loved the penguin one!  If you are interested in ordering one, go to the LilyM facebook page (see link above) for more information.

I love being able to help other small businesses and I'm thrilled to be part of LilyM Boutique's new original designs that she will be offering in addition to her gorgeous upcycles!

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