Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 is here!!!

Hey Everyone!!  

I hope you all had a great holiday and spent some time enjoying your families!!  Lots of stuff to cover today, so let's get on it!!

Studio resolution #1 is to be better with blogging, so lets stay positive!!  Over the next few weeks I will be updating the website and the facebook page.  Nothing big this year just updating pictures and slideshows to show off the best of 2012 with everything else!!

As many of you saw just before the holidays we are expecting our third little one!

Well we found out this week that we are having a little boy!!!

Obviously both kids are very excited as are we!  They are also excited about the return of the NHL season and all the Carolina Hurricanes games we will be going to this year!!  GO CANES!!

But this has other implications as well, the studio will be shut down for a while and I will be taking limited sessions until that point.  

Because I will be honest, this cute little boy is kicking my butt!!

From now throughApril 13 I will be taking only two sessions a month, so availability will be very limited!! 

After that I will closing down the studio until August 10.  I hate to take out all that pretty summer shooting time but a new baby is so worth it!!   It will probably impact the amount of shoots I take through the end of the year as well, but we will see how that goes and deal with that when we come to it!

I'm excited about the things Stolen Moments Studios is doing to give back so far this year.  I have my Olivia Act selection decisions to make this weekend, to give a session to a family who might not otherwise have one in honor of all the people killed in Newtown, CT.   I will also be donating a session and full session print release disc to the Mercy for America's Children Black Tie Gala.  This is a great organization a friend feels strongly about and I love to support organization that helps children in need!!

Just a note to remember for all of you, all sessions now include a presession consult and a viewing session.  Both usually involve coffee and snacks, so its a good thing I promise!!  This gives me a chance to get an idea of exactly what you want from the session we are planning and lets me give you ideas for clothes and props and lets you actually see a few locations I have used to make your decisions easier!!  The viewing session is great because I know all of those pictures get overwhelming, and all the options in sizes and products is enough to make your head spin.  This lets me walk you through your pictures and all the choices to make it a bit easier to choose!  You still get your online gallery and now if you place a print order at your viewing session there is a little present involved!!  And everyone likes presents!!

That is it for now!!  I will be back next week (I hope, LOL) with a favorites of 2012 post for you!!  

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