Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tiny Stars Finalists!!



 For some reason the poll shut down at noon instead of nine tonight like it was set to! But no worries, you can still get votes in! ANY vote made in the comments (one per person please, I will only count each persons vote once) with the name of the kids you are choosing between now and 9:00 tonight will count and be added with the poll numbers. 

 Comments need to be approved before they are posted so please don't worry if you don't see your comment before 9 I have all of them but we have some stuff to do today and I will not be at the computer consistently today! 

 I know this is a little more work on your part but I am doing my best to give everyone those few extra hours I promised because I can't defeat the technical difficulties! 


We managed to narrow down the list to six finalists for the Tiny Stars Contest!  There was a huge response to the contest and this was a HARD job!  Voting will be open until December 14 at 9 pm, which means you have 2 weeks to get everyone you know to vote for your kids here on this post!!

So here are the finalists (in no particular order) vote in the poll at the bottom to pick your favorite.

Tiny Stars
Who is your choice to win the Tiny Stars Contest?

Logan and Patrick K.
Charlie and Callie H.
Caitlin and Patrick P.
Hunter L.
Cora, Ginger and Holly B.
Victoria C,