Friday, April 1, 2011

Opening Day

Ah baseball season.  That time of year where I can pick fights with people and I don't get in trouble!  I am a die-hard Yankees fan, who grew up in a family full of Red Sox fans (along with most of my friends) and married a Mets fan.   Baseball season is never boring around here.  The kids were plied with baseball teams from all sides but Tyler followed Daddy and is a Mets fan and Katie may have been coerced by Mommy and Aunty Ashey into being a Yankees fan.   A house divided.

Every year on opening day (which should be a national holiday, just sayin')  I take a picture of the kids in their baseball gear.  This year was no exception.  But I started playing around with this years picture and ended up with a whole new look to my proofs!  A little more fun, a lot more pop!  

To give everyone an idea of what your proofs will look like from now on, here are the opening day pictures from the last 5 years!






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